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Nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains is the city of Lehi, one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Utah. Residents love the proximity to larger cities nearby, like Salt Lake City and Provo, as well as the spectacular recreation areas just a short drive away. Lehi has seen plenty of residential and commercial growth in recent years, and residents are benefitting greatly from all the progress.

Lehi real estate is in high demand, and home buyers are going to be impressed with the range of options. From modern condos, townhomes and new planned communities to single family homes in more well-established areas, the homes for sale in Lehi cover the spectrum of properties. Home buyers would be making a big mistake to overlook Lehi real estate in their search for a new home.

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The population of Lehi is approximately 50,000 residents and it is located in the northern part of Utah County. Historically, it was first settled in 1850 by farmers and ranchers and continued to be an agriculture-based community until after WWII. Suburban development transformed farmland to parks, schools, and retail districts, giving residents plenty of venues to meet their daily needs. However, the rich history of Lehi is evident in memorials and historic sites, plus the Lehi Main Street Historic District. Residents can enjoy their heritage while looking forward to a bright future.

Part of Lehi’s appeal is that it is so centrally located on the Wasatch Front. It is approximately 17 miles northwest of Provo and 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. Thanks to expansion from both cities, Lehi has benefitted from new developments, new businesses and amazing growth. Residents of Lehi have plenty of transportation options when it comes to getting around. Major roads include I-15, Route 92, Route 73 and Highway 89, among others. The Utah Transit Authority’s commuter rail has a Lehi station as well. Residents will be able to find education, employment and entertainment in any direction when they live in Lehi.

Lehi is bordered by Draper in the north, Highland in the east, Utah Lake in the south, and Saratoga Springs in the west. The local economy is strong, thanks to a recent push to attract high tech companies. Other industries that are thriving include engineering, marketing, tech manufacturing, retail and more. Public schools are highly regarded in Lehi as well, managed by the Alpine School District. This and other community amenities make Lehi a highly desirable place to live and it is earning a fine family-friendly reputation.

Lehi residents have plenty of things to see and do. Thanksgiving Point is one of the area’s biggest tourist attractions. The campus is full of different museums, gardens, restaurants, movie theaters and shops. Other attractions in Lehi include the historic Lehi Roller Mills, Seven Peaks Fun Center, Thanksgiving Point Golf Course, Willow Park, Jordan River Parkway, Lehi City Sports Park and much more. Residents are also just a short drive from hiking, biking, camping, skiing, kayaking, canoeing and much more.

Home buyers that want to live in one of the most progressive places in the area should check out Lehi real estate. There are lots of options when it comes to the greater Salt Lake City or Provo areas, but the homes for sale in Lehi will convince home buyers to look here first. There are all kinds of sizes and styles available in the Lehi real estate listings.